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Description of works:

The earthworks began with a thorough preparation of the site. To clear the area of any debris, a tractor mounted ripper was used to expose the underlying stones and to bring them to the surface to facilitate the stone crushing operation. All large stones were then picked by hand and removed from the proposed playing fields. 

Topsoil remediation was carried out in the form of stone crushing, using a new generation fixed hammer stone crusher which is reliable, powerful and innovative. The machine has interchangeable soles for deep working into the soil up to 250mm, reducing the size of the stones to 20mm – dust. This operation is imperative in order to improve soil consistency and ensure a safe playing surface, once the pitch has established. 

Grading and trimming of the topsoil using a laser controlled blade, was then performed accurately to compact uniformly and to achieve an even, level surface to the required tolerances. This also makes sure that there are no water-holding pockets in the soil.

Undertaking of initial cultivations and stone burying, for the remaining, finer stones was also carried out prior to the drainage installation.

The drainage system installed consisted of lateral drains, using 80mm perforated pipe, installed at 450mm depth. Backfilled with shingle and approved rootzone, flush to surface. Main drains – 160mm perforated pipe, installed at 600mm depth, backfilled with shingle and rootzone. Inspection chambers and a toe drain at the bottom of the bank were installed to complete the system.

Further soil improvements were achieved by applying and spreading approved, medium fine topdressing sand and incorporated into the top 65mm of soil. 

Finishing works involved final cultivations and grading of the newly formed pitches. A final trim and sand application. Supply and application of pre-seeding fertiliser, using a 10% nitrogen, 15% phosphate, 10% potassium combination to assist with growth. followed by sowing of approved sports field seed mix.

Initial maintenance was carried out and then handed over succesfully. 

Contract Value:£150,000.00

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