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Project overview:

The Charborough Road School project was a remarkable transformation of a tired, overgrown site into a modern Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA). The project's scope was to revitalise the space, incorporating beautiful landscaping, amenity grass, and open spaces, while also preserving the existing habitat areas.

The existing habitat areas were carefully managed and looked after, whilst also extending this towards the latter stages of the project. Wild flower seed mix and planting, along with hoggin path installation and boundary fencing works all assisted in binding the natural elements with well-structured civils, creating a fully functional, harmonious and vibrant outdoor environment.   

For the natural grass area, this covered approximately 2,000m2. Existing vegetation, scrub, bushes and trees were cleared and removed as part of the preparation works. All remaining vegetation was then sprayed off with a selective herbicide treatment. 


The surface had to be dug out and removed followed by a cut & fill operation in order to achieve the appropriate falls and gradients, ready for the drainage to be accepted.


Topsoil was imported and spread across the area to make up the levels. After the topsoil was prepared, a piped drainage system was installed at 4m centres and relevant connections were made. The freshly laid topsoil, high in nutrients and organic matter, contained excellent components for grass growth to flourish. Once the area was seeded, and the grass had started to establish, the area was maintained efficiently so that it was always in pristine condition.

The end result was a beautiful MUGA that provided a safe and enjoyable space for students and staff alike.

The project's success was a testament to the importance of careful planning, execution, and attention to detail. By combining natural elements with modern infrastructure, the team created a unique and functional outdoor space that will be enjoyed by generations to come.

Project value: £360,000.00

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