3G Artificial Football Pitches

Due to the demand of the sport, it is paramount that the 3rd Generation surface is built to optimise technical performance, whilst remaining resilient and durable to allow for activity in the toughest of weather conditions.


A synthetic football pitch has high resembling characteristics of a natural pitch, as the fibres within the carpet contain the look and feel of a natural grass sward. The porous build up material within a 3G pitch allows for an easier drainage outlet as opposed to a compacted soil make up. An artificial system is an ideal solution for a club, school or local association looking to provide a facility which requires less maintenance and added game time.

It is vital to engineer a system that truly reflects a high quality footballing surface, whilst complying with FIFA to meet the accreditation for professional use.


The artificial grass pile height can range from 40mm – 65mm which is filled with a combination of sand and rubber crumb, to create a shockpad to absorb physical impact and reduce the risk of injury.

Cross Section with effect.JPG