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The Halford Valley Project adjacent to the new power station was fully drained ready to accept over 5 million cubic metres of subsoil from the new nuclear power reactor. Sportfields were contracted to install the complete land drainage system comprising of, a main carrier connected to the lateral land drainage (Herringbone System) at Hinckley Power Point Station. Using our own engineered laser guided 2m AFT chain trencher and low ground pressure equipment, the project was completed within 12 weeks. 

300mm diameter Collector Drain terram wrapped installed up to 3m deep. 

100mm diameter Lateral Drain terram wrapped connected and installed up to 2m deep. 

Organic soil seperation from non-organic for ability to backfill Lateral and Collector Drainage. 

Collector drain installation, backfilling non organic soils into V-Ditch over stone layer, flush with surface.

Arising to surface adjacent to trenchlines

This high profile project required intense scrutiny of work force, machinery, health and safety, performance and professionalism, which was one of the reasons Sportfields was chosen as we pride ourselves in these requirements.

Project Value: £280,000

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