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Sportfields Ltd. undertake the movement of large quantities of earth, soil and rock from one area to another, carried out by our expert team of certified operatives. To ensure precise levels and tolerances using a laser grading system calculated for construction purposes. We are able to undertake bulk earthworks on the basis of cut and fill methods using a balanced solution with in-situ soils, or the importation of suitable selected fill materials conforming to current Environment Agency protocols. As well as utilising our own in house design expertise, we also work closely with specialist consultancies wherever required, in order to undertake the technical and environmental planning, associated with the type of project.

Due to the potentially large volumes of material being relocated, we use our own fleet of heavy construction machinery in order to ensure that projects are managed and completed in the quickest possible time and to the highest possible standards.

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The service, communication, the staff, overall time scales, and finished product. OUTSTANDING! If only all companies were this good!

Mike Younger - Begbrook Academy Stapleton Bristol

Land drainage
Bulk earthworks

Bulk Earthmoving

Top Soil Strip

Bulk earthworks

Soil/Lime Stabilisation

Bulk earthworks
Bulk earthworks

 Large Civil Works

 Top Soil Screening Team

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